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Davines Haircare

Founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 by the Bollati Family, Davines Group started as a research laboratory, producing high-end hair care products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide.

After a decade of honing their expertise, they began creating their own brand of Davines hair care products exclusively for salons, and in 1996 founded [ comfort zone ] skin care for premier spas. They are now a B Corp and have an international presence in more than 90 countries with a multicultural staff. In addition to the main office in Parma – the Davines Village – we have offices in New York, London, Paris, Mexico City, Deventer (Netherlands), and Hong Kong.

The formulations favor the use of ingredients of natural origin, are generated with renewable electric energy and packaged minimizing the environmental impact, inspired by the ideal of Sustainable Beauty as an inseparable unity between Beauty and Good.

Davines gives back to the planet.

Find out more about what Davines is doing to reduce waste and help the environment.

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Keune Color

It was nearly a century ago when a young pharmacist named John Keune bottled his first product in 1922 in Amsterdam. He put his name on it and his heart and soul in it.

That same creative passion lives in Keune today, as they work from the heart for the head in more that 70 countries around that world. As an independent, family-owned and -operated hair care company, they are the hands-on decision makers in every facet of the business. They gear their long-range planning on the success of stylists for generations to come.

People are their business and their mission is simple: make inner beauty shine.

Keune products are not tested on animals and are vegan!

Check out Keune’s webiste for more information.